New Feature and Enhancements Process

The ideas portal is where you will go to request any new feature or enhancement.  You can see other user’s requests and upvote as well!  

How will it work?

Complete the fields on the form- be sure to include detail and attach any related files. The product team will review and confirm the outcome of the request. If your idea is approved you will be notified, if there is a cost associated a form will be sent to the submitter for signatures and payment. Your submission will be visible to the DCW/SCW community please do not include specific personal or financial details in the request.  Please note by submitting this request, development is not confirmed for the new feature or enhancement being requested.

How to get a login to the Ideas portal

Emails will be sent to existing contacts, if you are an authorized contact in the care portal you should receive an automated email once the Ideas portal is launched.  If you have not received an email with login info (and you've tried to reset your password on the login page) please submit a ticket to the care portal asking to be added to the Ideas portal. 

How to add an idea

After logging into the ideas portal (, click Add a new idea.

The form will open, complete all required fields and then select Share Idea to post the idea publicly!


Q: Why are you making a change to the feature request process?

A: We want to enhance DCW/SCW so that it is more user friendly- we feel that getting input from you- our customers will help us to do that better.  Increasing visibility into what is being asked for by the community and what is in the works will help us deliver a better program!

Q: How will feature requests that have been submitted in the past be handled?

A: TheProcare team will be reviewing legacy feature requests, if the request will not be completed the support ticket will be closed.  If the request will be completed no action is needed.

Q: Should I still enter feature requests to the support portal?

A: No, the ideas portal will be the place where feature requests are submitted.  This will link directly to our product team.  Requests will be assigned statuses, so you know where the request is in the process. 

  • Already exists- this means that the feature or enhancement is already functionality that exists in the system!
  • Unlikely to implement- this means that the feature or enhancement doesn’t fit within the scope of our product roadmap and will not progress further.
  • Planned- this means the feature or enhancement fits within the scope of our product roadmap and will be planned into a future development cycle.
  • Shipped- this means the feature or enhancement has been added to a development cycle, has been deployed to production and is ready for you to use!

Q: I see another user added a feature or enhancement that I like too- how do I let you know?

A: Each user will have a set number of votes they can cast towards other user’s ideas.  This helps the product team to get an idea for the demand of a feature or enhancement. Once a feature or enhancement has been shipped you will get the votes back that had been allocated to the idea!

  • We do not implement features based solely on their popularity - we take several factors into consideration.
  • We do not provide ETAs for feature requests or publish long term roadmaps currently.

Q: My feature has been updated to a planned status- when will it be released?

A: Once a feature has been planned, we must add it into a development cycle.  Typical release times will vary.

Q: What if I need my new feature or enhancement quickly?

A:  We understand that there may be some urgency behind new feature or enhancement requests, we may not be able to meet your timeframe.