Approvals > Program Change

Program changes allows users the ability to approve schedule change requests from families made through the Connect Parent Portal. Program changes allow families to select a new set of days for their currently scheduled students to attend. 

Please Note: Program changes only apply to currently scheduled students (meaning the student has a room and rate on their program/room assignment page). Billing will not automatically adjust if a change is made mid-month and a site bills a flat fee up front.  

Viewing Schedule Change Requests

  1. Click Approvals, then select Program Change (or from the Home screen, click the Program Changes tile)
  2. Click the Search Criteria button
  3. Select/enter any necessary search criteria
    • Center - select the center to view requests from a specific center
    • Room/Program - select the room to view requests from the selected room
    • Status
      • Pending - requests waiting to be approved/rejected
      • Approved - requests that have been confirmed
      • Rejected - requests that have been denied
    • Child's First Name - enter the student's first name to search by student
    • Child's Last Name - enter the student's last name to search by student
    • Start Date - to filter requests by date, enter a start date
    • End Date - to filter requests by date, enter an end date
  4. Click Search
  5. The search results will display the Company (center), Room, Child's Name, Status of the request, Start Date, End Date, and schedule
    • Please Note: the search results can be organized by clicking the header (i.e., company, child, status, etc.)
  6. There are different ways to approve/reject requests
    • To approve individual requests click the blue Approve link on the right side of the line
    • To approve  multiple requests, place a check-mark in the box to the left of each line, then click Approve Selected at the bottom of the page
    • To reject individual requests, click the red X on each line
    • To review the request, click the blue edit icon