Family Record, Financials Tab

The family Financial tab displays the family's charges, adjustments, and payments. The look of this screen may vary depending on if a site is running defined or transactional billing, but the functionality is generally the same. 

To change the statement year, click the Year drop-down box and select the year to display. Once in a new year, users are unable to delete prior year transactions.  If a total needs to be corrected, an adjustment/fee would need to be added to the ledger by selecting the Actions button, then select Adjustment/Add Fee.

Actions Menu

There are several options under the Actions menu within the Financials tab. Click on the links below for more information. 

  • Adjustments/Add Fee - add a credit or debit to a family's account
  • Charge/Reduce Revenue - add a credit or debit to a family's account
  • Make Payment - receipt a payment to a family's account (check, cash, money order)
  • Deposit Correction - update a previous deposit amount or detail
  • Online Credit Card - charge parents using a credit card
  • Coupons - add a coupon (credit) to a family's ledger
  • Pickup Fee - add a late pickup fee to a family's ledger
  • Prepay Deposit - accept prepayments for families in the system
  • Transfer Balance - move a balance from family to family
  • Voided Payments - view payments that have been voided
  • Show Reversals - view any payment reversals
  • Email Statement Options
  • Statement - enter the Customer Statement Criteria to pull a statement for the family
  • Year End - pull a year end payment statement for the family. If no payments have been received for the year selected, the statement will display as blank (no detail)
  • Current - displays current and prior statement detail. Please Note: this will be most useful for defined billing clients
  • PDF - family statement detail displayed with less detail in a PDF format
  • Export to CSV - excel version of the statement