Setup > Room, Category - Registration Setup

The registration setup area allows users to set questions will that be displayed, hidden, or required on registration forms. This setup can be created at the category level or the room/program level. Once registration setup has been completed at the Room/Program level, the system will not look at the category settings for registration requirements. 

Registration Setup

  1. Click Setup, then select Room/Program/Classroom
  2. Locate the Category to update. Click Registration Setup below the category name
  3. # of Contacts - choose the number of contacts that should be required for registration into the program. Families will be required to enter detail for the number of contacts selected. If they do not enter the contact information, they will not be able to complete registration
  4. Must be between Ages (if applicable) - enter the age range of months for the students that are able to register into the program. The age relates to the student's current age, not age when the program begins
  5. Prerequisite List - if prerequisites exist for the program, select Add New Prerequisite. This option would typically be used if programs are sequential and another program must be completed prior to this one
  6.  The Field Requirements section displays fields that can be displayed, required, or hidden during registration. This section dictates the questions families are required to answer during the registration process. Once this page is saved, registration will be updated immediately 
    • Display - the field will display on registration, but families are not required to answer it
    • Required - the field must be answered for registration to be completed
    • Hide - the field will not display on registration
  7. Click Save 

Available Fields

Below is a list of available fields:

First NameContact Fields
Last NameContact Fields
AddressContact Fields
Address 2Contact Fields
CityContact Fields
StateContact Fields
ZipContact Fields
Home PhoneContact Fields
Work PhoneContact Fields
Cell PhoneContact Fields
EmailContact Fields
RelationshipContact Fields
Birth Certificate - DocDocuments and Sponsors
Custody Papers - DocDocuments and Sponsors
Immunizations - DocDocuments and Sponsors
IEP - DocDocuments and Sponsors
IEP IndicatorDocuments and Sponsors
Sponsor IndicatorDocuments and Sponsors
Discount SelectionDocuments and Sponsors
Sibling Name (If Sibling Discount)Documents and Sponsors
Court Restriction IndicatorDocuments and Sponsors
Court Order DateDocuments and Sponsors
AdditionalDocuments and Sponsors
Resides WithDocuments and Sponsors
Previous Summer ProgramDocuments and Sponsors
Previous School ProgramDocuments and Sponsors
Previous Preschool ProgramDocuments and Sponsors
Previous Pre-screeningDocuments and Sponsors
School Attending KindergartenDocuments and Sponsors
In DistrictDocuments and Sponsors
Open Enrollment Completed?Documents and Sponsors
Photo ReleaseDocuments and Sponsors
Booster SeatDocuments and Sponsors
Photo Release Program OnlyDocuments and Sponsors
Sunscreen (Parent Provided)Documents and Sponsors
Sunscreen (self apply)Documents and Sponsors
Additional T-ShirtDocuments and Sponsors
T-Shirt SizeDocuments and Sponsors
Swim LevelDocuments and Sponsors
Swim ConcernsDocuments and Sponsors
Open SwimDocuments and Sponsors
Insect RepellentDocuments and Sponsors
School Year Arrival/DepartureDocuments and Sponsors
Summer School Arrival/DepartureDocuments and Sponsors
Before SchoolDocuments and Sponsors
Fall School DepartureDocuments and Sponsors
Pickup NotesDocuments and Sponsors
HeightDocuments and Sponsors
WeightDocuments and Sponsors
Hair ColorDocuments and Sponsors
Eye ColorDocuments and Sponsors
Sleep PositionDocuments and Sponsors
After SchoolDocuments and Sponsors
Food/Milk AllergyHealth
Special Food NeedsHealth
Environmental AllergyHealth
Medication AllergyHealth
Epi PenHealth
Other AllergyHealth
Cerebral palsy/motor disorderHealth
Cognitive/learning disabilitiesHealth
Chicken PoxHealth
Cold CountHealth
Behavioral IssuesHealth
Other ConditionsHealth
Participation RestrictionsHealth
Special Problems/FearsHealth
Additional SupportHealth
Call ParentsHealth
Immunization ExemptionHealth
Special InstructionsHealth
Personal Conviction ExemptionHealth
Religious ExemptionHealth
Motor Skills DetailHealth
Seizure DateHealth
Cognitive InfoHealth
Participation Restriction IndicatorHealth
Medication Info IndicatorHealth
Other Medication IndicatorHealth
Other Medication InfoHealth
Reassessment and TriggersHealth
Medication Side Effects InfoHealth
Trigger DetailsHealth
Hep B - Hepatitis BHealth
DT - Diphtheria, Tetanus (pediatric)Health
Tdap - Tetanus, Diphtheria, PertussisHealth
Hib - Haemophilus influenza type bHealth
Td - Tetanus, DiphtheriaHealth
IPV/OPV - PolioHealth
PCV - Pneumococcal ConjugateHealth
MMR - Measles, Mumps, RubellaHealth
Varicella - ChickenpoxHealth
HPV - Human PapillomavirusHealth
Rota - RotavirusHealth
Hep A - Hepatitis AHealth
MCV4/MPSV4 - MeningococcalHealth
Flu - InfluenzaHealth
DTP - Diphtheria, Tetanus, PertussisHealth
DTaP - Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis (pediatric)Health
First NameParent/Guardian Fields
Last NameParent/Guardian Fields
AddressParent/Guardian Fields
Address 2Parent/Guardian Fields
CityParent/Guardian Fields
StateParent/Guardian Fields
ZipParent/Guardian Fields
Home PhoneParent/Guardian Fields
Work PhoneParent/Guardian Fields
Cell PhoneParent/Guardian Fields
PagerParent/Guardian Fields
BirthdayParent/Guardian Fields
Email AddressParent/Guardian Fields
Best AddressParent/Guardian Fields
Best PhoneParent/Guardian Fields
Driver's License #Parent/Guardian Fields
Electronic SignatureParent/Guardian Fields
Driver's License StateParent/Guardian Fields
Primary License PlateParent/Guardian Fields
Preferred Statement Delivery MethodParent/Guardian Fields
Employer InformationParent/Guardian Fields
Employer NameParent/Guardian Fields
Employee IDParent/Guardian Fields
Employee Work LocationParent/Guardian Fields
RelationshipParent/Guardian Fields
Last NameStudent/Child Fields
First NameStudent/Child Fields
BirthdayStudent/Child Fields
Middle NameStudent/Child Fields
SexStudent/Child Fields
Address 2Student/Child Fields
AddressStudent/Child Fields
CityStudent/Child Fields
StateStudent/Child Fields
Home PhoneStudent/Child Fields
ZipStudent/Child Fields
EmailStudent/Child Fields
GradeStudent/Child Fields
School AttendingStudent/Child Fields
Student IDStudent/Child Fields
Custody papers have been provided?Student/Child Fields
Language SpokenStudent/Child Fields
Secondary Language?Student/Child Fields
Interpreter LanguageStudent/Child Fields
Interpreter Needed?Student/Child Fields
Insurance CompanyStudent/Child Fields
Insurance Covered?Student/Child Fields
Insurance Policy Number?Student/Child Fields
Hospital AddressStudent/Child Fields
HospitalStudent/Child Fields
Hospital PhoneStudent/Child Fields
Doctor's AddressStudent/Child Fields
Doctor's NameStudent/Child Fields
Doctor's PhoneStudent/Child Fields
Dentist's AddressStudent/Child Fields
Dentist's NameStudent/Child Fields
Dentist's PracticeStudent/Child Fields
Dentist's PhoneStudent/Child Fields
In an Emergency Call FirstStudent/Child Fields
Telephone Authorization CodeStudent/Child Fields
The following person(s) may not remove my child from the facilityStudent/Child Fields
Is child allergic to food or other substances? (If so, name foods or substances to be avoided and procedure to follow if reaction occurs.)Student/Child Fields
Is child usually susceptible to infections and if so, what precautions need to be taken?Student/Child Fields
Is child subject to convulsions and what should be our procedure if one occurs?Student/Child Fields
Is there any physical condition that we should be aware of and what precautions should be taken (heart trouble, foot problem, hearing impairment, hernia, etc.)?Student/Child Fields
Additional CommentsStudent/Child Fields
Other special instructionsStudent/Child Fields
Admission DateStudent/Child Fields