Setting Up a New Center

How to add a new center to your business

Additional centers can be added to the business level by Super users only.

Please Note: Adding new centers will result in additional charges. Please contact support for more information.

  1. Choose a center to copy from the top right drop-down menu
  2. Once at the center level click Home, then select General 
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page, then select Clone
  4. Enter the name of the new site in the popup, then select Clone
  5. Logout of the website (top right corner)
  6. Log back in
  7. Navigate to the new site by selecting the name of the center from the drop-down list in the top right corner
  8. Click Home, then select General
  9. Update the center detail and contact information, then click Save 
  10. Add rooms to the center
    • If rooms are setup at the business level, go back to the business level and go to Setup > Rooms
      • If applicable authorize existing rooms to the new center by selecting the name of the room and scrolling to the bottom of the screen.
        • Click Add next to the new centers name
        • Select the Save button, select the fields you want to copy from the business level to the center level- then press Save to complete
    • If applicable create new categories and rooms (see help documentation if steps are needed)
      • Adding a category
      • Adding a room
        • Recurring Billing
        • Events
        • Parent Managed 
    • If new categories have been added be sure you have configured the registration setup questions under the new category
      • Registration Setup
      • Registration Confirmation Questions
      • Additional Questions at Room Level
  11. Add rooms to a Semester
    • How to attach rooms to a semester
    • Alternate way to attach rooms to a semester
  12. Add rates for the center
    • If you are adding rates to the business level and you only want the rate to display at the new center, be sure you select the lock on the line of the rate to authorize to specific center(s)
  13. Log a ticket to the Care Portal to request the new InSite ID and Passcode so you are able to use the InSite Check-In and Classroom applications

Helpful Reminders

  • Be sure credit card processing has been added to the center
    • Check with your processor if unsure of the API Key and Password
    • If additional detail needs to be added please add a ticket to the Care portal so that processing can be configured
  • Once the new center has been setup test the registration process (if applicable)
    • New registrations- brand new families
    • Existing parent registration- returning families