Attendance- Actual Attendance AM/PM - Excel (Activity ID 1216)

Report Description

An Excel report that displays counts of students who have attended for a month at a time. If a category is selected in the search criteria, the report will only display totals for the category selected.

In order for this count to be accurate, the AM/PM/Full Day designation has to be entered on a child's program/room assignment.

Report Conditions

  • The Center is not required; if the center is left blank, data will pull for all sites
  • If only the From Date is entered, the field will act as an "As Of" date and pull all data for the month/year entered

Sample Report

Click the report name to view a sample: Actual-Attendance-am-pm.xls

Accessing the Report

  1. From the Reports menu, click Room/Program
  2. From the Report Category drop-down, select Attendance
  3. Choose Actual Attendance AM/PM - Excel from the Report drop-down
  4. Select any necessary Search Criteria
    • Center - select the business level or a center
    • Category - select a category, if applicable
    • From Date - when the date is left blank, data will pull from the current week
  5. Click Create Report
  6. The requested report will open in Excel format.

Report Fields

  • School
  • AM Daily Counts
  • PM Daily Counts
  • Total