Updated Articles

  1. Payments > Online/POS Payments

    The Payments > Online/POS Payments screen allows users to pull a report that displays gateway (ACH or Credit Card payments) that have been processed through the system.
  2. Release Notes REL_NOV_24_2020 New

    The following features and enhancements will be available on DCW/SCW on November 25, 2020.  Miscellaneous Fixes Corrected issue where split families were intermittently having the convenience fee added to the incorrect family ledger. [DCW-92...
  3. Attendance- Child Attendance Detail - Excel (Activity ID 541)

    This report provides a summary of child attendance for a given week and includes First and Last Name, Date and Time of Check in/Check out, as well as the username or PIN of the person who checked the child in or out. The report also shows Total Hours Actual and Total Hours Fractional.
  4. Creating a Reoccurring Billing Classroom

    Reoccurring Billing Classrooms are programs or rooms that have a weekly or monthly reoccurring billing cycle.
  5. Setup Discounts

    Discounts can be applied to familes so that the percentage or dollar off amount is automatically deducted when billing is created.
  6. Payments > Payments/Adjustments, Payments Tab

    The Payments > Payments screen allows users to search and display payments received in a particular period.
  7. System Config > Extended

    The Extended configuration screen allows a site to set generic settings. This will be the first place to visit upon first login.  Navigate to the Extended screen by clicking Setup, then select System Config. Once the Extended tile is selected...
  8. Setup > Daily InSite, Add Check-In Questions

    Parents can now be prompted to answer a health questionnaire upon checking their children into a center via InSite Select and InSite Connect. Check-in can be rejected based on answers provided by the parents. You can now pull a report to view the c...
  9. InSite Select - Parent Options

    Use the InSite Select mobile application as a parent and staff kiosk within your center or classroom! This application allows parents to check their students in and out, view school announcements and see their current balance. The Select applicati...
  10. InSite Select Overview

    Simplify your center attendance and check in/check out process with Procare's InSite Select application. This app is designed for a streamlined, quick and easy way to track attendance for parents and staff. Replace paper sign-in sheets, get accu...