InSite Check-In - Staff Options

Staff Options

Staff members can check in/out, transfer to a different job category, view announcements, and view their schedule. 

Key Point: The InSite Select application will timeout after 1 minute of inactivity.

Staff Check In/Out

  1. Enter the four - six digit PIN set on the Staff > Staff List > Staff Profile screen
  2. Select Staff
  3. Click the green check-mark
  4. The main screen will display staff information, such as:
    • First and Last name
    • Check in/out status and time. Please Note: if the staff member is checked out, it will state Not Checked In. If the staff member is checked in, it will state Checked In: 11:00 am (the checked in time)
    • Total hours
    • Scheduled remaining hours for the week
    • Job category
    • A photo, if applicable
  5. Click Check In/Check Out
  6. Click Ok on the status screen


Once logged into the Check-In app, staff can transfer into another job category.

  1. Click Transfer. Please Note: Transfer is not an option if the staff member is not checked in
  2. Select a Job Category to transfer into, then click Ok
  3. Click Ok on the confirmation screen. Please Note: the Transfer confirmation screen will say Check Out Status


Announcements are added on the admin site under Connect > Announcements.

  1. Click Announcements
  2. The active Announcements will display


Staff members can view, print, or email their work schedule. 

  1. Click Schedule at the bottom of the screen
  2. The staff’s schedule will display, from there it can be printed or emailed. These options can be turned on/off from the Setup > Mobile Apps > InSite Check-In screen, then click the modify icon for each center.
    • To print schedule:
      • Click Print Schedule
      • Click Select Printer
      • Click Print
    • To email schedule:
      • Click Email Schedule
      • A confirmation screen will appear, click Ok. A PDF version on the staff member's schedule will be emailed to the email address on their account