Setup > Semester

Semesters are time periods within the center that control room/program dates and times and registration dates and times.

Semester Summary

The Semester Summary page allows users to see which room/site asssociations have been added to each semester.

Cloning a Semester

How to clone a new semester.

Setup > Semester

By setting up and using semesters, students will have classroom assignments with a start and end date.

Setup > Semester, Room/Program

The system will charge families registration fees setup in Room Semester or Room Config screens.

Setup > Semester, Semester Participant

Families will only be charged the Semester Cost fee.

Setup > Semester, Semester Family

Families are only charged the Semester fees, not room fees.

Setup > Semester, Semester Family & Room/Program

Using this option will charge families a semester fee and room fees.

Semester Down Payment Information

Use this option to setup a down payment.