Financial- How to add an additional discount to a child

The first step in using coupons to add another discount to a family record is to setup coupons under Setup > Rates, then select the actions menu and select Setup Coupons

Note: make sure you are changing the settings on the coupon setup to match requirements (staff eligibility, third party eligibility).  Fee-type and revenue-type on coupons must match to a line item on the family financial ledger.

The coupon will display as an option on a particular program/room assignment on the child tab of the family record, when the scissors icon is selected

Select the coupon and enter details, then press Save.  

The coupon will be considered when billing is created.

Here are some rules for when the user applies a new coupon:

  • Only coupons that are available/active are loaded in the “Coupon to Apply” drop-down
  • Some coupons require a specific redemption code that the user must enter for it to apply
  • Some coupons have a fixed amount – for these, the Coupon Amount field is read-only
  • If a coupon allows an “Apply On Date” and the user enters a date other than today, it will go into “Apply Date Pending” status. A batch job, “CouponApplyBatch”, runs and approves these types of coupons
  • Coupons applied here are different than the ones from Family Financial in that they are associated directly to a child PRA
  • If the scissors icon is clicked and there are no coupons available – a message pops up explaining this
  • For split families, if “Split Coupon Amount between Parents” is set to Yes, there is no parent sponsor drop down shown and both parents will have the coupon applied to their ledgers. This option is only shown if there are 2 paying sponsor parents in the split family (sponsor = Yes and paying percentage is greater than zero).

Activity IDs:
New Activity ID 1725 shows/hides the Apply Coupon icon