Payments Tab

Users are able to see payments that have been collected, returned or refunded. This is also where users can send out statements and balance reminders.

Payments > Journal

The Payments > Journal page allows users to receipt payments by family in batch format.

Payments > Deposit

The Payments > Deposit screen lets users receipt payments in batch format.

Payments > Third Party Journal

How to post a third party payment allocation/reconciliation.

Payments > Add/Edit Third Party Refund

This screen will walk users through the first step of processing an agency refund.

Payments > Third Party Refund Allocation

The Payments > Third Party Refund Allocation screen is where users are able to associate the refund that has been setup with a specific balance on a child/family account.

Payments > Payments/Adjustments, Payments Tab

The Payments > Payments screen allows users to search and display payments received in a particular period.

Payments > Mass Change

The mass change payments process updates multiple payments entered into the system at once. This is frequently used to update the deposit date, check number, payment type, period number or adding not

Payments > Outstanding

The Payments Outstanding screen will display amounts owed by families within the system. Use search criteria to display related families. Statement and Reminder emails can be sent from this page,

Payments > Autopay Batch

Processing auto payments in the system allows administrators the ability to charge and collect money from parents that have an auto payment setup.

Payments > Online/POS Payments

The Payments > Online/POS Payments screen allows users to pull a report that displays gateway (ACH or Credit Card payments) that have been processed through the system.

Payments > Family Payment

The Payments > Family Payment screen allows users to pull different versions of year end tax statements. This is most useful if a site will be printing off and mailing or distributing tax statements

Third Party Payment Allocations Import

After a third party payment has been posted in the system, exports and imports can be used to reconcile balances to specific children's third party totals.