Parent Portal - Account Screen

The Account screen is where parents can locate the authentication code, change their password, update/add security questions, and link other accounts. 

Account Information

The account information section includes:

  • User name - used to log into the Parent Portal and the InSite Parent app
  • Authentication code - used to set up the InSite Parent app from the settings icon
  • First and last name of user logging in
  • Password requirements
  • Ability to reset the password
  • 2-Step Verification can be managed

Security Questions

The Security Questions section within the Account screen consists of 3 security questions. By answering at least 2 of the security questions, it allows the parent to reset their password on their own if they are unable to log into the Parent Portal. 

Select the question from the drop-down list and enter the answer in the Answer field.

Link Accounts

If a family has multiple students at different locations, accounts can be linked in this section. Follow the steps below to set up a linked account.

Turning On Linked Accounts

The option to link accounts must be set to "All Permissions" on the administrator site. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Click Setup and select Admins
  2. Click Actions, then select Setup Roles
  3. In the Role drop-down, choose Family Portal (Not Allowed)
  4. Locate the DCW Connect – Account section
  5. Select All Permissions in the Add Linked Accounts drop-down

Linking an Account

  1. Scroll to the Linked Accounts section
  2. Enter the parent portal user ID and password of the account to link
  3. Click Link Account
  4. To switch between accounts, click the drop-down in the top right corner of the parent portal website to select which student/location to view