Accounting ID

For accounting purposes, used to link to external systems.

Active Child

Any child with a schedule at a center within a given month.

Activity Type

Used to create activities for the marketing campaigns in the system.

Adjustment Type

Used to make adjustments to transactions in the system.

Age Group

Used to assign rate categories for a facility based on an age range. This will appear on the Age Range Report.



A list of banks that deposits are made to from the facility.


A type of facility within the business. This can be used to identify multiple brands or different facilities within a business.


Campaign Type

Used to label campaigns used to recruit children and families to a facility.

Contact Type

Used to group similar contacts for children in the system.


Used to assign a county to locations and rates for children.


Data Fields

Fields that allow a user to map over specific questions or fields on registration form and within the database.

Discount Code

For discounts for employees, used if Discounts aren't setup for the facility. The Discount Code valid value is assigned to families in the Family section.

District Office

For identifying the home office for the family.


A group of facilities or centers. The Division valid value is used to group a similar section of facilities or centers in one brand.

Document Type - Center

Used to associate documents uploaded into the system as center or center documents.

Document Type - Student

Used to associate documents uploaded into the system as student documents.


Employee Position

Used to identify the guardian's position within the company.

Exempt Immunization Type

A reason a child will not be receiving an immunization. Typical examples may including religion or health.


Facility Room Type

Used to describe a room or location in a facility that can be rented out to outside parties.

Facility Type

Used to describe locations that can be rented out to outside parties. This can also be used as a bigger category of rooms.

Family Tracking Status

A status that can be assigned to families for registration tracking. The Family Tracking Status valid value is used to associate families for tracking on the Program Wait List and Registration tabs in the Approvals tab on the main toolbar.

Followup Type

A follow up method for waiting list or pending children.

Funding Type

The name of the sponsor program.


GL Code

To be defined.


Home School

For identifying the child's home center.


Inventory Attribute

An attribute or characteristic of an item in the inventory system.


Job Category

Used to describe the category for an employee's job in the availability schedule.

Job Task

Used to assign tasks to a staff member's schedule.


Lead Calendar Status

Used to assign status messages to events on the lead management calendar.

Lead Source

Used to determine the how the child was recruited to enrolling into the facility.


Payroll Code

Not currently in use in the system, for future development.


Program Room Assignment - the program/room a child/student is enrolled in.



The relationship between an adult and a child in the facility.

Revenue Type

A revenue source that is brought into a business. Typical examples may include tuition, registration or activity fees.

Room Attribute

A room attribute is a tag, associated to classrooms, that parents can use when searching for a classroom online. Classroom attributes are assigned categories or topics for classrooms in the center. These attributes can be used by parents when searching for a particular classroom through the portal. Topics could include outdoor sports, team sports or science activities.


Schedule Availability

A code used for creating schedules for staff members in the facility including time when the staff member is available to work, on vacation, or in other schedule categories.

Security Question 1

The first question a parent could set up for verification purposes.

Security Question 2

The second question a parent could set up for verification purposes.

Security Question 3

The third question a parent could set up for verification purposes.

Serving Size Unit

The portion size served to children for meals in the facility.

Sleep Position

Sleep position options parent would select from the registration page i.e. Side or Back

Staff Certification Type

A type of certification that can be recorded and tracked for employees in the center.

Staff Group

A staff group Valid Value is used to associate a staff member to a specific group.

Staff Hour Type

The pay type for an employee, such as hourly or salary.

Staff Type

Types of staff in a facility, such as Full Time or Part Time.

Student Attendance Code

A code for a child or staff member's attendance in a room or program.

Success Level

Not currently in use in the system, for future development.

Swim Level

The level of swimming a child is at or can participate in.


T-Shirt Size

The size of T-shirt a parent can select from the registration page if the T-shirt size question is enabled. Valid Values must be entered for size in order for question to display.

Termination Code

To identify reason for child being withdrawn from a facility.


The options for training a site or business would want to track.

Type - Fee

A category for fees or adjustments that can be assigned to an account.

Type - Payment

A method of payment into the system.


Valid Value

Valid Values allow you the ability to customize specific drop down lists in the system. These valid values may be associated to children, businesses, guardians or financial information.