Quick Links- Things to Do

From the menu bar select the star icon, hover over the Quick Links- Things to Do option.   

From anywhere in the system users are able to select this list and jump to the actions listed below. 

  • Add a New Child- add a new family to the system
  • Submit Payments- receipt payments from the Payments > Journal screen
  • Take Attendance- take attendance for a classroom Attendance > Entry screen
  • View Room Report- pull room/program reports from the Reports > Room/Program screen
  • View Outstanding Payments- send outstanding balance emails, add late fees or pull balance reports
  • View Payment Report- pull a report displaying payments that have been receipted during a user defined time frame
  • Current Statements- select this link to batch create current statements in a PDF file.  Go to Print Batch Statements to open the file. 
  • Print Batch Statements- download PDF files of statement batches
  • Batch and Report- group received payments together to make bank reconciliation easier
  • Financial Reports- pull revenue, balance and ledger reports from the Reports > Financial screen
  • Assignment Billing
  • Attendance Journal- review clock ins/outs and see any errors that may have occurred from the InSite Check-In or Classroom applications