Attendance- Arizona DES SignIn/SignOut Report - PDF (Activity ID 1630)

Arizona Department of Economic Security Sign-In/Sign-Out Record. Report creates one sheet per child with AM and PM check in/out times and signatures and includes unit of care calculation.

This sign-in/sign-out report meets the Arizona Department of Economic Security requirements and reflects actual child attendance. The report includes:

  • Time in AM/PM
  • Time out AM/PM
  • Electronic signature of the parent who checked child in/out
  • Number of hours the child attended per check in/out period

Report can be pulled at the business or center level. 

Note: Report only displays data within calendar month, not a specific date range.. i.e. If From Date is 9/5/2017 and To Date is 10/9/17, the report will only display data for September 2017.

Example report-