Misc - Charges and Credits by Family Center - PDF

Report Description

This report gathers the revenue data and payment transactions based on the family center. Please Note: discounts are not separated out on this version of the report, they are included in the amount of the transaction.

Report Conditions

  • If date fields are left blank, the data will pull for the entire year

Sample Report

Click the report name to view a sample: Charges and Credits by Family Center.pdf

Accessing the Report

  1. From the Reports menu, click Financial
  2. From the Report Category drop-down, select Misc
  3. Choose Charges and Credits by Family Center - PDF from the Report drop-down
  4. Use additional search criteria as needed
    • Center - choose the center
    • From Date - to view data within a specific date range, select a date
    • To Date - choose a to date, if applicable
  5. Click Create Report
  6. The report will download in PDF format

Report Fields

  • Center ID
  • Center Name
  • Period
  • Initial Balance
  • Description
    • Tuition Charges
    • Other Charges
    • Credits
  • GL Account
  • Amount
  • Items
  • Payment Type
  • Charges and Credits Summary