Third Party Payments

Third Party payments are made on the Payments > Deposit screen, then must be allocated to specific students in the system from the Payments > Third Party Journal screen.

How to Make a Third Party Payment

  1. Click Payments, then select Deposit
  2. To add a payment, click +Add Payment
  3. Complete the Payment popup
    • Payment Date - select the date of the payment from the calendar
    • Payment Type - choose the Third Party Payment type
    • Agency - select the third party agency that made the payment from the drop-down menu
    • Center - select the center from the drop-down menu
    • Payer - the payer field will auto-fill based on what was selected in the Agency field. This field is read-only
    • Payment Amount - enter the payment amount
    • Authorization # - enter the check number or authorization number, if applicable
    • Notes - enter any additional notes. Please Note: information entered in this field will display on the family's statement
    • From Month - select the starting month the payment will be applied to
    • From Year - select the starting year the payment will be applied to
    • To Month - select the ending month the payment will be applied to
    • To Year - select the ending year the payment will be applied to
  4. Click Save. Please Note: once saved, a blank payment screen will open for the next payment to be receipted 
  5. All added payments will display in the Payments section
    • Edit Payment - click the edit/modify icon to the left of the Payer name to edit the payment details
    • Hourglass icon - this icon means the payment is pending
    • Delete Payment - click the red X to delete the payment from the batch
    • Print Receipt - click the PDF icon to pull a receipt for the payment
  6. Click Post once all deposits have been entered
  7. A confirmation screen will appear: Are you sure you want to post the deposit? Click OK
  8. Another confirmation message will appear: Deposit has been posted. Click OK