InSite Classroom - Take Attendance, Check In/Out

Follow the instructions below to check a student or a staff member into a room:

  1. From the Take Attendance screen, ensure the Student option is selected at the bottom of the screen - Student is the default option. Please Note: for staff check in/out, select Staff instead of Student and follow the steps below
  2. Choose Check IN or Check OUT - the selected option will display blue
  3. Tap the student(s) to check in/out. The line will turn light blue when a student is selected, to deselect, tap the student again
  4. Select the correct time for check in/out - the time will default to the current time. Please Note: only past times are selectable
  5. Click Submit
  6. The confirmation screen will display the status of each student's check in/out
    • Success - the check in/out was successful
    • Check In/Out Date cannot be in the future
  7. Click OK
  8. If a future time was selected, select the correct time and click Submit again