Setup > Semester, Semester Participant

There are 4 “Semester Cost At” options to choose from when creating a new semester; Room/Program, Semester Participant, Semester Family, and Semester Family & Room/Program. Once steps 1-8 are completed from the Setup > Semester article, follow the steps below to set up a Semester Participant semester:

  1. What is the Semester Cost type? – Semester Participant
  2. What is the Semester Cost? – enter the semester fee to be charged per student. Please Note: Semester Participant only pulls fees from this field
  3. Tie Semesters together with the same start and end date?
    • Yes – all semesters with the same start and end dates should be tied together. Tied semesters will only charge the student one semester cost. Recommendation: all tied semesters should have the same Semester Cost and Semester Cost At setup
    • No – do not tie semesters of the same dates together
  4. Current number of Active Enrollments? – leave blank when creating a new semester. During active enrollment, this field will display number of students currently enrolled
  5. What is the Late Enrollment Date? – if a family will be charged a late registration fee on top of the regular registration fee, enter the date the late enrollment will begin
  6. What is the Late Enrollment Fee? – enter the late registration fee
  7. Notify family on Multiple Enrollments for the same semester? –  if an existing student registers via the Connect Portal for multiple programs within the same semester, the parent will receive a warning message on that portal registration session
  8. Is Down Payment Allowed?
    • Yes – a down payment must be made to register. If yes, Down Payment Amount is required
    • No – a down payment is not allowed/required
  9. Early Enrollment Information - if families can register during an early enrollment period, complete the options below
    • What date should early enrollment start on? – enter the start date for early enrollment
    • What date should early enrollment stop? – enter the end date of early enrollment
    • What is the early enrollment cost? – enter the semester cost for a student during early enrollment
  10. Click
    • Save - save the semester details
    • Open Enrollment - save the semester details and open the semester and rooms/programs for registration
    • Close Enrollment - close the semester and room/programs associated. Semester becomes Inactive
    • Cancel Enrollment - cancelled semesters will cancel the room, but the semester still appears as Active