Payments > Third Party Refund Allocation

The Payments > Third Party Refund Allocation screen is where users are able to associate a refund that has been setup with a specific balance on a child/family account. 

This is typically the second step of the agency refund process, the first step is on the Payments > Add/Edit Third Party Refund screen.

Please Note: If a third party refund has been created, the user will automatically be directed to the Third Party Allocation screen. 

Allocate a Refund

  1. Click Payments, then select Third Party Refund Allocation
  2. Agency - select the agency that requested the refund from the Agency drop-down
  3. Select Refund - choose the specific refund that was created on the Add/Edit Third Party Refund screen
  4. Once a Refund is selected, the Refund Search Criteria will populate based on the information added during the refund setup. This information can be changed if needed
  5. Click Search. This will populate a list of families/students that match the search criteria under the Refunds section
  6. To allocate a refund to a specific student, double click in the Refund Amount field. Please Note: different amounts can be allocated to different students. For example, if the total refund amount is $500, $100 can be allocated to 5 different students
  7. This will open an editable field to enter the amount of the refund
  8. Once the Refund Amounts equal the total refund amount, click Post Refund
  9. Click OK on the confirmation popup
  10. Click OK on the Post Refund confirmation popup