Setup Tab

The Setup Tab is where programs, semesters and rates are created, This is also where Daily Sheets are setup, Bus Rosters are entered and Third Parties are setup.

Setup > Semester

Semesters are time periods within the center that control room/program dates and times and registration dates and times.

Setup > Classroom

Classrooms are also known as rooms, programs or events. Rooms can be setup to organize the way parents register and the way rosters can be created.

Setup > Classroom Summary

How to update multiple room's settings at once by center.

Setup > Rates

Rates are the amounts that are charged per billing period. Discounts can be created, coupons can be added and scholarships defined .

Setup > Fees

The Setup Fees screen page is where administrators can set a site-wide registration fee, add returned payment fees, set up late pickup fee charges, and add late payment fees.

Setup > Vacation

How to setup vacation limits.

Setup > Third Party

Setting up a third party sponsor.

Setup > Schedule

Adding a center schedule allows you the ability to add holidays to your center's operating schedule. These schedules display when a center is open or closed or when a family will be charged for a day

Setup > Bus

Centers can setup bus run schedules to other centers or locations for pickup or drop-off service.

Setup > Health

Health alerts in the Platform helps centers manage the immunization schedule for children in the center. These health alerts will notify administrators if a child's immunizations are about to or have

Setup > Checklist

Administrators can setup checklists for other administrator roles in the system. These checklists are step by step processes for tasks that administrators must complete within the system. Checklists

Setup > Daily InSite, Add New Daily InSite

Setting up daily sheets allows centers the ability to keep families informed and up to date on what their children are doing within your center. To start using Daily Sheets in your center, you first

Setup > Admins

All users in the system will display on this page, admins can be added and roles can be defined by user group.

Setup > System Config

System config allows admins to set system wide settings. These settings should typically only be adjusted at the business level.