Connect > Communication

The Communication screen acts as the hub for sending notifications to parents from the admin side. On this screen, users can send emails, text messages* and phone calls*.

*Additional fees apply via Twilio.

Sending a Message

  1. From the Connect menu, select Communication
  2. Click the Search Criteria button
  3. Select search criteria in the Find box. The selected criteria will determine which families will receive the message/call
  4. Click Find
  5. Complete the Compose section
    • The list of families meeting the search criteria will appear in the table. Select each family to send a message/call to
    • Choose the Communication Type (Email, Text Message, Phone)
    • Select Email a copy to a sender - send a copy of the email to the logged in user sending the email
    • Template - if sending from a template, select the template from the drop-down
    • Content Type - select the content type
      • Plain - use this option for text only 
      • HTML - use HTML for formatting options and when using images
    • Subject - enter the subject of the message
    • Message Body - enter the body of the message
  6. Attachment for Email
    • Attach Year End Tax - select this option to attach a year-end tax statement for the selected users
    • Tax Year - select the tax year to send the year-end statement
    • Choose File - click choose file to upload a file to the message
      • Attach Another File - to attach more than 1 file, click the attach another file button
  7. Click Send
  8. A confirmation popup will appear when all communications have been sent. Click Close Window to continue
  9. The message detail will display


There is an option to view and use shortcuts within the system to personalize the messages. Below are the current shortcuts:

  • @CompanyName
  • @FamilyName
  • @FamilyID
  • @CenterName
  • @CenterAddress1
  • @CenterAddress2
  • @CenterCity
  • @CenterState
  • @CenterZip
  • @CenterPhone
  • @CenterContactName
  • @CenterContactEmail
  • @CenterEmail
  • @CenterArCollectporEmail
  • @CenterArSpecialistEmail
  • @CenterArInboxEmail
  • @CenterDirectorName
  • @AmountOwed
  • @PortalURL
  • @CompanyID
  • @AccountID
  • @ParentFullName
  • @ParentEmail
  • @ParentPhone
  • @Username
  • @ParentPinNumber
  • @Alt1
  • @Alt2
  • @Alt3