Financial - How to upload payments

This article is a walk through of how to import payments to family financial ledgers.

Import Payment/Adjustment Process

  1. Click Reports, then select Financial
  2. Click Actions, then select Import Payment/Adjustment Spreadsheet
  3. Click in the Upload a Spreadsheet section to select the file from the computer
  4. In the Payment Import section, select Version 5 (ImportPaymentV5.xls)
  5. Click Import to add payments to family ledgers

Import Details

Sheet Layout:

Payment Date

Family ID

Payer Name

Batch Number

Payment Notes

Payment Type (Valid Value Description)

Check Number




Export Test


Test Note

Payroll Deduction



Field details (example):

  • Payment Date - enter today’s date
  • Family ID - enter the Family ID from the system
  • Payer Name - enter the parent’s Name
  • Batch Number - enter the user defined batch number
  • Payment Notes - enter any payment detail
  • Payment Type - type the name of the payment type
  • Check Number - enter the check number, if applicable 
  • Amount - enter the total that should be added to the family ledger