Changing Program Capacity

Room capacity can be set on several levels.  It is important to remember on which level you are tracking capacities.  

If capacity is added at the Room level will be the set number of children that can register for a program-

Once the room opens, enter the Capacity in the Capacity field, then scroll to the bottom of the page and save. 

.  If capacity is added to the room > semester level, the room > semester capacity will override the room capacity.  

Then select the semester- 

Enter the capacity, then press Apply to All at the bottom of the page. 

If a room semester is attached to multiple sites and each site has a different capacity go to setup > semester

 Then click on the blue i next to the semester name

Select the site by checking the box next to the semester/room/site association

Go to the actions menu and select the option to change capacity

Enter capacity and then press save 

Note:  if you change capacity at the setup > semester, semester summary level you will not want to press APPLY to ALL on the room/semester association under setup > classroom, classroom name, view semester- if APPLY to ALL is selected the semester summary settings will be overridden.