Release Notes REL_AUG_31_2023

The following features and enhancements will be available on SCW on September 1, 2023. 

New Features & Enhancements 

  • The colors within Procare SchoolCare Works have been updated to improve visual accessibility, usability and consistency. All functionality remains the same. [DCW-5824]
  • Password enhancements have been made to improve the security of our accounts. When passwords are created, users must follow the criteria below. [DCW-5182, DCW-5245] 
    • Length must be between 12 and 32 characters
    • Cannot use the last 10 passwords (new criteria)
    • Must not contain the user name
    • Must contain at least three of the following elements:
      • At least one uppercase letter
      • At least one lowercase letter
      • At least one number
      • At least one special character
    • Passwords cannot be changed within 3 days of previous password change (new criteria) - admins can reset passwords on behalf of other users immediately if needed
    • The Connect Portal has been updated so passwords expire by default every 180 days. This aligns with the password expiration on the Provider Portal. Centers can override this setting for all users within the Provider Portal by going to Setup > System Config > Extended Config under Provider Login.
      • Set "Auto expire login password " to Yes > then enter 9999 in the "Password expiration frequency (in days):" field. Please note that this action will cause both parent and admin passwords to expired based on the entered frequency.
  • Updates to how Meals are tracked within the Meals > Summary screen [DCW-5590]:
    • Meals Served section is only calculated when a meal is marked as "Yes" on the Meals > Entry screen or "Served" on the InSite Classroom app. 
    • The following are not calculated for Meals Served: "No" or "N/A" on Meals > Entry and "Not Served" or "Removed" on InSite Classroom app.
  • Added 3 new columns to the Future Head Count report: Brand, Division, District. These columns will only display when those fields are setup at the business or center level. [DCW-5899]