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Validation allows administrators an easy way to review potential errors related to family records (child, parent, and financials).

  1. Click the Home option from the navigator bar
  2. Select Validation
  3. Click Search Criteria
  4. Complete the Search Criteria popup
    • Center – choose the center from the drop-down
    • Issue Type – choose the correct issue type
    • All – to view all types of issues
      • Center Configuration Issues
      • Child Tuition Issues
      • Program Assignment Issues
      • Split Family Parent Issues
      • Split Family Sponsor Issues
      • Child Attendance Issues
      • Child Details issues
      • System Issues
    • Choose if you would like to view All Issues (Warnings & Errors), just Warnings, or just Errors
  5. Click Search
  6. Issues will appear in the Issue List section
  7. There will be a link to the correct screen to reconcile the issue under the Resolution column
  8. Once the issue is corrected, go back into the Validation screen and ensure it is not longer in the Issue List