Release Notes REL_JAN_26_2023

The following features and enhancements will be available on DCW/SCW on January 27, 2023. 

New Features & Enhancements

The following enhancements have been made to current features: 

  • Added a tool tip to the "Account Authorization (What's this?)" field on registration pages. [DCW-5377]
  • A "Join User Community" link has been added to the My Account drop-down for some users. This link will direct users to the User Community signup page. [DCW-5132]
  • Enhancements have been made to the Import Payment Version 5. The system will ensure that payment imports only apply to families within the business who is doing the import. Families not belonging to the correct business/center level will not be processed and a message indicating that the payment was rejected will appear in the output file. [DCW-4876]
  • The following enhancements have been made to the Discount Assignment report [DCW-4211]: 
    • Expired discounts will no longer display on the report. 
    • Valid Value discounts, if applicable, will not be displayed on this report.
    • Added the following columns: Child Discount End Date, Family Discount Type, and Family Discount End Date.
  • New billing options are now available to better distinguish between billable absent dates that are covered by a Third Party. [DCW-4686]
    • Added 2 new fields on the Setup > System Config > Extended Config > Billing screen:
      • Allow Processing of Vacation Days Before Billing -The default option will be set to "Yes", which will reduce the amount due for the program being billed as if the schedule was removed for the vacation day that was entered
      • Vacation Day Processing Type - This setting provides greater control over how the vacation days are processed before billing. By default, it will reduce the amount due for vacation days and billable absent days entered into the system.
    • Added a "Type" column on the family record > Vacation screen under the Vacation Summary table which will display "Absent Day" or "Vacation Day". Also resolved an issue that caused the remaining vacation days to be lowered when an absent day was used for third party coverage for a family.

Miscellaneous Fixes

  • Resolved an issue on the room setting "Show Only On Staff Scheduling", when enabled, the room will not display on the new family or returning family registration pages. [DCW-5365]

Internal Documentation

*The following tasks are for internal documentation only.

  • DbQueryTypeSafety improvements. [DCW-5385]