Back to School Training Series

Welcome back! We are delighted you have joined us for another exciting school year. We know you already have a lot on your plate, welcoming new students and setting up classrooms. We are here to help with some quick demo videos to get you back up to speed quickly.

Review the list below and click any steps you wish to complete.

Students and parents

You can set your account to require parents to confirm their child and their contact details prior to registration.  

School Set-up

Need a refresher about how to create and edit rooms and Programs? This video will get you started.

You can repurpose existing rooms and semesters using the Clone feature.

You can set-up or revise settings in your Registration Form or format extra questions during registration. This video shows you where and how to do that.

Need to Automate your payments processing? Watch this brief video demo to learn about Auto-Pay.

Tuition Express customers: Register your Tuition Express Account

Top reports used for your Tuition Express account to help resolve inquiries. 


You can communicate directly with parents through the Connect app using email, text, and phone calls—with proper set-up. You can also set announcements to appear on the parent portal when they are logged in.

If you have kiddos returning, then you’ll likely need to move them up a grade. Take a look at this video to see how to change grades for multiple children at one time.