Child/Family- Child Directory Detail - Excel

From the report menu option, select Room/Program- 

This report will display child directory information including- family center, grade, guardian names, child name, age address, date of admission, date of discharge, if the child is active, if they are in district and any special room notes.

Report Example:

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Report Fields:

Report FieldField Description
CenterThe child's center
GradeThe child's grade
Mother's NameThe child's mother's name
Father's NameThe child's father's name
Child NameThe child's name
AgeThe child's age
AddressThe child's address
Address2The child's address (line 2)
CityThe child's city
StateThe child's state
ZipThe child's zip code
Home PhoneThe child's home phone number 
Date of AdmissionThe child's first date of admission
Date of DischargeThe child's last date at a center
Active?If the child is active or not
District?If the child is in district
Special Room NoteAny notes on the room for the child