Export/Upload- Quick Books General Journal Export

This report will allow for export of data into journal format that can be converted to a QuickBooks type file and uploaded.

Quick Books General Journal Export Requirements

  1. This export retrieves the revenue and payment data by Program Center, not Family Center. It should also work if the client is set up so that families cannot enroll their children at other centers.
  2. It also gathers the data using the Post/Payment date and not Create Date. If transactions are back dated (created after the Post Date), there is the possibility that they can be skipped, depending on the date range.
  3. The export will look for the Account string setup in the GL Builder. It uses that string in Column E (ACCNT). The Account string can have one or more segments.  It is using the Formatted GL Code, i.e., the Account string will have dashes if there is more than one segment.
  4. The export will use the Valid Value description for the Type – Fee or Type – Payment in Column I (MEMO). If multiple Fees or Payments have the same GL Code, it will use the first one it comes across when the data is retrieved.  This is true for Discounts, Agencies, etc.
  5. If the client wants different fee types with the same GL Code to be grouped in separate batches in the export, they should have separate GL Codes and separate GL setups in the GL Builder.
  6. All Type-Fees and Type-Payments should have a GL Code and Offset GL Code, and they should be set up in the GL Builder.
  7. Unlike other GL exports that do not do offsets for discounts, this export will. Because Discounts do not have an offset GL, this export will use the default Offset GL. The default Offset GL will be the Offset GL Code that is set up for the most Valid Value entries.
  8. If the client wishes to split private pay fees from agency fees, it can be done by associating the GL Code with the Room Category GL and have the Room Category GL for each type separated by a comma.
  9. If the agency details are split in this manner, it will use the name of the first agency it comes across when the data is retrieved in Column I (MEMO).  If there are multiple agencies, the export will not be able to separate them. All will be grouped under one agency name.
  10. The export summarizes the data by GL Code, Date, and Center (Internal Center ID). It puts the Internal Center ID in Column F (CLASS).