Go-Live User Checklist

Are you ready to Go-Live?

Before you Go-Live, be sure you can do some of the most essential tasks within the system.  If you have vital processes please be sure to add them in the blank boxes.  This will help you to keep track of your progress.

Click here to download the Go-Live Checklist!

Helpful Tips for Registration Go-Live

  • Plan your Registration Go-Live for a Monday so that you are in the office and able to help parents if they have questions as they are going through the process.
  • Create a walk through for parents to reference specific to their registration experience.  Include screenshots and specific directions- this will help to cut down on calls to your office.
  • If you notice there seems to be an issue for New or Existing parents while they are registering, go through a test registration to see if you can recreate the issue.  If you are able to recreate the issue please send a screenshot and explanation of what was happening when the issue arose.

Helpful Tips for Onsite Go-Live

  • At least one staff member should be given a user ID and password so they are able to login to the InSite Classroom App (classroom management).
  • Be sure student-teacher ratios have been entered on the setup > room page if you would like to monitor live ratios throughout the day on the InSite Classroom App. 
  • You may want to print out parent/contact PIN numbers to have on hand for staff to help parents on site (Check In/Out PIN- Excel report found under Reports > Room/Program).
  • Note- any children who do not have ACTIVE schedules will not be able to be clocked in from the InSite Check-In App.  

Helpful Tips for Billing Go-Live

  • Be sure all of your children have program/room assignments- Rooms, Start and End Dates, Days, Schedule and Rate. 
  • Be sure discounts have been added to children’s records.
  • Be sure Third-Party families have been split and Co-Pays have been entered.
  • Check rates to ensure they have been entered correctly.