Parent Portal

Connect is a parent portal where families can see information about a center's programs, pull statements, make payments, and more.

How to setup the Parent Portal Role

Setting up parent roles allows administrators the ability to determine what tabs on the main toolbar parents will be able to view in the Connect Portal.

Parent Portal Overview

The parent portal is the hub for where families can see information about a site's programs, pull statements, make payments and more.

Parent Portal - Announcement

Announcements display generic notes from the school or site. As soon as a school adds an announcement, it is immediately ready for parent review

Parent Portal - Make Payment

The Make Payment tile will display when a center has online payments setup. When this tile is selected, parents can submit a one-time payment for the amount of their choice.

Parent Portal - Statements

Parents can select the Statement tile to pull current, user defined period statements, and year-end tax statements

Parent Portal - Attendance/Schedule

The Schedule tile will display the student's schedule, actual attendance, and allow parents to select days from a parent managed calendar.

Parent Portal - Personal

The Personal tile allows parents to add new students to a center or view/update personal information for students, parents/guardians, or other contacts.

Parent Portal - Registration

The Registration screen is where parents can sign the students up for new programs; this may include yearly program registration, full day sign ups, enrichment programs, or summer options.

Parent Portal - Calendar

The Calendar section of the parent portal will display a listing of events that have been added by a staff/admin user.

Parent Portal - Communication

The Communication section of the portal allows parents to see generic documents, links, or teacher profiles.

Parent Portal - Auto-Pay

Auto-Pay allows a parent to enter payment information into the system and have their card automatically charged for fees.

Parent Portal - Daily InSite

Daily InSites are added from the InSite Provider app. They provide parents with information about their student’s day.

Parent Portal - Account

The Account tile provides account information, allows for a password reset, create or update security questions, and link accounts.