Creating/Editing Email Templates

Email templates are messages that are created by administrators and have the ability to be sent from the Connect > Communication screen. 

  1. Click Setup, then select System Config
  2. Click the Email tile
  3. Click Custom Email Template Types to create a new template or select an existing template to update from the drop-down menu (see available template types below)
  4. Complete the Setup Custom Email Template Types section
    • Template Type - enter a name for the template
    • Message Format - HTML (recommended)
    • Apply to - choose a center from the drop-down or select All Centers
    • Subject - enter the subject that should display to parents
    • Allow on Portal Email Page - always select this option so the template can be sent from Connect>Communication 
    • Enter the message. To view sample email templates, click here
      • Use the shortcuts on the right in the Shortcut Key section to customize the template
  5. Click Save

Template Types Currently Available

Below is a list of template types currently available in the system.

  • Auto Pay Approval
  • Auto Pay Rejection
  • Child Note
  • Family Statement
  • Family Statement Reminder
  • InSite Parent Welcome
  • Late Pickup
  • Missing Child Procedure
  • Outstanding Balance - Fee Added
  • Parent Portal - New Account
  • Payment Failure
  • Payment Return Notification (NSF)
  • Payment Success
  • Portal Registration Confirmation - Parent
  • Registration Approval
  • Registration Approval - Admin
  • Registration Confirmation - Admin
  • Registration Confirmation - Parent
  • Registration Rejection
  • Room Capacity Reached
  • Schedule Change Request Approval
  • Schedule Change Request Rejection
  • Suspension Warning
  • Unscheduled Attendance Fee
  • Vacation Days Approved - Parent
  • Vacation Days Rejected - Parent
  • Waiting List Admin PRA Save
  • Waiting List Approval
  • Waiting List Entry
  • Waiting List Rejection