Release Notes REL_JAN_27_2022

The following features and enhancements will be available on DCW/SCW on January 28, 2022. 

New Features

  • A new API has been added to allow customers to pull staff payroll information to build their own integrations. [DCW-2999, DCW-3836].


The following enhancements have been made to current features: 

  • Multiple enhancements have been made to improve the efficiency of the Family Import process. [DCW-3923]
  • The system will now only allow monthly billing period numbers to correspond with the actual month (January = 1, February = 2, etc.). [DCW-4046]
  • Log4J upgrade to prevent security vulnerabilities. [DCW-3980, DCW-3993]
  • Parent Managed Calendar room capacity has been added to the Capacity Enrollment report. [DCW-3642]
  • The TE Settlement report will now filter by Transaction Date instead of Post Date. This will make it easier for customers to match it up again the TE Balancing Report. [DCW-4039]
  • When a non-TE customer attempts to run the TE Balancing report from the Financial Reports screen, they will now receive the following message: “Selected centers are not configured for Tuition Express payment processing”. [DCW-3979]
  • Enhancements have been made to the Manual Adjustments report so all customers can now utilize it. [DCW-3899]
  • Added Center Name to the TE Balancing report. [DCW-4003]
  • Room Category Name has been added to various room APIs. [DCW-3946]
  • The Post Date filter has been added to the General Ledger Summary report. [DCW-3660]
  • When there is a duplicate parent username during registration, the registration will be validated prior to the payment being processed. [DCW-3976]

Miscellaneous Fixes

The following issues have been resolved:

  • Payments that were being auto added by the nightly TE Reconciliation batch job were being posted with the current date. Now, they will be posted with the date the payment was made. [DCW-4004]
  • The TE Balancing report was not matching due to parent center merchant key was being passed to Tuition Express gateway instead of family center merchant key for portal payments. Portal payment will now look at family ID merchant key. [DCW-4005]
  • Miscellaneous Management and Discretionary discounts were not working with certain rates. [DCW-4040]
  • Some tax statements were displaying the school logo over the school address. [DCW-3977]
  • Multi-select lists were displaying incorrectly due to compatibility issues with some Chrome and Edge browsers. [DCW-3978]
  • The “Immunization Exemption” field was not saving on registration approvals. [DCW-626]
  • The Export Rate Sheet-PDF from the Setup > Rates screen was pulling a blank report at the business level. [DCW-3788]
  • Not all Tuition Express batch totals were correct in the NetSuite Upload report. [DCW-4049]
  • Customers were not seeing the "End of Results” message on the Family Search screen. [DCW-4051]

Internal Documentation

*The following task is for internal documentation only.

  • Removed EasyDraft API from logging. [DCW-3989]