Family Record, Vacation Tab

The vacation option on the family record allows sites to track vacation or reservation requests. The vacation schedule for students allows administrators the ability to schedule when a student is going on vacation or going to be absent from the center.

  • When vacation days are added, the family will not be charged for those days
  • Reservation weeks will charge the family 1/2 of the week's tuition for the weeks that are entered

Vacation Requests

  1. Navigate to the family record and click on the Vacation tab
  2. Select the student(s) from the Vacation Request section. Please Note: to select one or more students, push Ctrl then select the students
  3. Vacation Start Date - choose the date the vacation will begin from the calendar
  4. Number of Days on Vacation - enter the number of days the student(s) will be on vacation
  5. Select the option from the How to use vacation days? section
    • Vacation - Deduct From Vacation Days - use this option to have vacation days deducted from the student's allowed vacation days
    • Vacation - Do Not Deduct From Vacation Days - use this option to not have vacation days removed from the student's allowed days
    • Subtract Vacation Day(s) - use this option to remove vacation days from a student without having the student be scheduled on vacation
    • Add Vacation Days - use this option to add additional vacation days to the student
  6. Click Save Request
  7. Enrollment List displays the programs the students are currently enrolled in and their vacation balances
  8. Vacation Summary - once the vacation request is saved, the requested vacation days will display in this section
  9. Family Portal Requests - this section displays pending requests submitted from the parent portal, is applicable

Reservation Weeks

If a site tracks reservation weeks, follow the steps below:

  1. From the Vacation tab, click Actions
  2. Then select Reservation Weeks
  3. Exiting reservation weeks will display in the Reservation Weeks section
  4. To add reservation weeks, complete the Add/Edit Reservation Weeks section
    • Reservation Week Date - select the week start date
    • Student - select the student from the drop-down
    • Comments - enter any necessary comments in the comment field
  5. Click Save. A confirmation box will display, click OK