InSite Classroom - Serve Meals

Use the Serve Meals option from the home screen to record meals served to students. Once a meal is selected, there are three options to choose from: Served, Not Served or Remove.

Important: In order to track meals on the InSite Classroom app, it must be enabled. Go to the Home > General screen, locate the CACFP Information section, and select Yes under the CACFP Enrolled field. 

Adding and Removing Meals

  1. Choose a room from the left and click Serve Meals
  2. Select a meal to record
    • Breakfast
    • AM Snack
    • Lunch
    • PM Snack
    • Dinner
    • Evening Snack
  3. Choose an option
    • Served - the meal was served to the student
    • Not Served - the meal was not served to the student
    • Remove - a meal needs to be removed from the student
  4. Select the students on the left that are associated to the selected meal. Please Note: only students that have been checked in for the day will be on the list
  5. Click Submit
  6. Once the meal has been submitted, each meal indicator will turn blue, see chart below
    • When the icon is blue - the corresponding meal has been Served
    • When the icon is gray - the corresponding meal has not been recorded
    • When the icon is red - the Not Served option was selected

The below chart explains what each meal indicator stands for:






  PM Snack

  AM Snack



  Evening Snack