Setup > Fee, Late Pickup Fee

Late Pickup Fee

Late pickup fee allows a center to add rules to how a family should be charged if a student is picked up after center hours. 

Key Point: Be sure to set the hours at each center level under Home > Hours.

Enter the late pickup fee guidelines and click Save. If a student is picked up 15 minutes after the center hours, they would be charged a $10 late pickup fee ($5 for first 10 minutes and $5 for the additional 5 minutes), see example below: 

A. 10 minutes      B. $5.00      C. 5 minutes      D. $5.00      E. Select the Fee Type from the drop-down 

Key Point: If this fee should be charged automatically, batch jobs must be set on the back end. Once values have been set on this screen, submit a ticket to the Care portal with the date and time the batches should begin to process.