Staff > Payroll Period

The Staff > Payroll Period area allows users to setup payroll periods, this is mostly used when the Payroll integration has been purchased and batch data will be passing from the system to a payroll processor. 

From the Staff menu, select the Payroll Period option- 

On the Payroll Period screen the Payroll Period List will display with any existing periods.  To add a new payroll period select the Add New Payroll Period link.   When adding a new payroll period the following fields can be added- 

  • Center
  • Period Number
  • Period Year
  • Period Start Date
  • Period End Date
  • Status Code
  • Maintain Authorizations
  • Period Description
  • Total Regular- Hours
  • Total Regular- Minutes
  • Total Overtime- Hours
  • Total Overtime- Minutes

Once a period has been added to the system and is active, it cannot be deleted or changed. 

If a period is Open the detail can be changed, removed or cloned- 

  • To edit select the green square icon
  • To remove select the red x icon

  • To clone select the circle icon- as soon as the period is cloned, the prior period will display as Closed and the new period will display as open