Teacher/Staff Portal Overview

The Teacher/Staff Portal is a hub that any user added under Staff > Staff List will have access to. By default, those teachers and staff members will be associated with the staff/teacher portal role. 

On the home screen of the portal, the below tiles are available:

  • Announcement- important and general information is posted here from the business level or admin users.
  • Classroom List - this list displays the number of children expected by center and classroom on each day
  • Semester- this displays the number of children expected by center, classroom, and semester
  • Programs- this tile allows staff to pull classroom reports and the ability to merge information records
  • Directory- staff is able to pull Directory Reports by semester, category, or classroom
  • Schedule- this section will allow staff to check in/out students 
  • At a Glance - allows staff to pull a report based on center, semester, or classroom. Report displays student's full name, phone number, and guardian information
  • Staff Schedule - will display the staff members schedule and able to view attendance 
  • Account - displays the staff member's user name, authentication code, full name, and the ability to reset their password