System Config > Email

All email messages sent from DayCare Works/SchoolCare Works are sent using If you would like system emails to be sent from a specific email address, you must enter a self-run SMTP server configuration on the System Config > Email screen(see Additional Information section below).

Default Email Account Setup

If you are using the default SMTP setup in DayCare Works/SchoolCare Works, the System Config > Email screen will match the below screenshot. Please Note: the "SMTP User" field could be different. 

Non-Default Email Account Setup

If you wish to send system emails from a specific email address, the following fields must be completed:

  • SMTP Server
  • SMTP User
  • SMTP Password

An SMTP has security features to ensure only allowed email addresses are able to send emails.  We recommend verifying your SMTP allows the email addresses setup on the following screens:

Additional Information/Troubleshooting

  • If changes have been made to the Setup Email Account configuration and you wish to revert to the default settings, click the "Delete Config" button.
  • If you encounter issues with email messages not sending due to timeout, simply increase the "Email Timeout" time in the Setup Email Account section.
  • If you wish to setup your own SMTP server, you will need to contact your local IT department to complete the configuration. Below are some resources to commonly used service providers:
  • Email addresses setup on the center level will override the email addresses setup on the business level.
  • For Office 365 users, you may encounter the following error message. This indicates that a message from the system is being sent out and does not match the expected "From" email address. This could be related to incorrect credentials (set up above) or an incorrect email address on another screen throughout the system. Please verify email addresses entered on all screens within the system are allowed to send emails through the SMTP account that is being used.