Family- How to add a day for a child from a parent managed calendar

From the admin side days can be added for children involved in parent managed programs.  To add a day to a child's record, the child must already be associated with the parent managed registration room. 

On the family record, select the child tab.  Then select the More drop down menu and select the Parent Managed Calendar link- 

Check the days the child should be registered for, then press save.  Adding days from the admin side will automatically bill the parent for the days selected.  The financial ledger will display the total due for the selections that have been made. 

Once the page updates, the days that have been selected with display with a green check mark- 

Family financial ledger- 

Note:  on this screen the remove option displays, if you want to be able to remove days for children or have parents able to remove days go to setup > system config, general config- family tab and then change the option for allowing removal of days -