Release Notes REL_JUL_28_2022

The following features and enhancements will be available on DCW/SCW on July 29, 2022. 

New Features & Enhancements

The following enhancements have been made to current features: 

  • Added Plan Option Times to the new family registration confirmation email. [DCW-4207]
  • Performance improvement on the ScheduleFTESummaryTask batch job. [DCW-4620]
  • Removed the PDF icon from the Agency Financials Statement on the Financials screen. This statement can be printed from by navigating to Actions > Statement. [DCW-4208] 
  • Added a 32-character limit to the password field on the login screen and the Family Record > Parents > Password field. [DCW-4617]
  • Added a character limit to the PIN fields on the Staff > Information screen and the Family Record > Parents screen. [DCW-3967]
  • Enhancements to ensure user IDs are recorded for all charge revenue records. [DCW-508]

Miscellaneous Fixes

  • Updated the message ribbon displayed when a vacation request is rejected. [DCW-4618]
  • Fixed an issue where deactivated centers were displaying during family registration. [DCW-4415]
  • Platform improvement on the family search functionality. [DCW-3631]
  • Fixed an issue where the ledger balance and third party balance were different on families with mismatched companyIDs in family and statement record. [DCW-4550]

Internal Documentation

*The following tasks are for internal documentation only.

  • Fixed exception errors with multiple queries. [DCW-3707, DCW-3988]