Setup > Admin

The Setup > Admin screen allows users to be added to the system, determines what role the user should have within the system, and allows for a password reset for admins.

  1. Click Setup, then select Admins
  2. On the Admins screen, all listed users have a username and password to log into the website. This list contains users setup under Staff > Staff List and Setup > Admins
  3. To edit the user's role detail, click the Modify icon in the left column
  4. The details will display in the Administrator Information section below
    • The Username is read-only. Once a username is set, it cannot be changed
    • First Name/Last Name - these can be changed at any time
    • Status - set the admin's status as Active or Inactive. This determines if they can log into the site
    • Center - select the user role for each site/facility, or
    • Select the role under the Roles section to apply to all centers
    • Add an email address
    • Password - use this field to change the user's password, then click Save