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  1. InSite Parent User Guide

    InSite Parent is a parent portal application that allows parents access to center and student information, along with access to a quick and easy QR code check in. Click here to view/print a PDF version of the InSite Parent guide . Application Ins...
  2. InSite Parent - Check In/Out

    The Check In/Out icon on the InSite Parent application is used to check children in and out of the center using a location-based check in. This article will go over the administrator setup and parent setup and use. Admin Setup Before parents can b...
  3. InSite Applications

    InSite application setup and user guides.
  4. Family Record, Third Party Tab

    The third party screen is where divorced parents are split in the system and third party contracts are added for each child.
  5. Setup > Rates

    Rates and a child's classroom assignment determine how much the child will be charged for the classroom.
  6. Connect > Communication

    The Communications screen acts as the hub for sending notifications to parents from the admin side. On this screen users can send emails, text messages* and phone calls*.
  7. Admin Activities (Permissions)

    During role setup Admin Activities (Permissions) need to be set, this process will dictate what each user assigned to a specific role is able to see.
  8. Setup > Classroom

    The setup > classroom area is where administrators will create programming or the roster options children can be associated with in the system.
  9. Financial- How to process a refund

    To process a refund go to the family's financial page and select the payment corrections icon.
  10. Sample Email Templates

    Email Templates can be set at the business level or center level and will allow consistent messaging to be sent out when particular actions are taken in the system.