Setup > Room, Category- Registration Confirmation Questions

Registration confirmation questions allow sites to ask their parents to verify information before registration is complete. These types of questions are typically questions such as: "I confirm I have read...", "I agree to the financial policies...", etc. Parents must check a box next to each question before they are able to complete registration.

Confirmation questions can be added at the business level or category level. Below will go over adding category level questions. 

Setting Up Registration Confirmation Questions

  1. Click Setup, then select Room/Program/Classroom
  2. Locate the Category to add confirmation questions to. Click the Registration Confirmation Question link below the category name
  3. Current questions from the business level and category level will display. Please Note: only edit category level questions here
  4. Enter a question in the Description field. For advanced formatting, HTML formatting can be written and inserted into the field
  5. Click Save