Financial- How to process a refund

To process a refund go to the family's financial page and select the payment corrections icon.

If the refund is a credit card refund select Gateway Refund/Void-

If the refund is a check or cash refund select Refund- 

Enter amount being refunded, then select Save- 

  • If the payment was made by cash or check, the refund will need to be created outside of our system after the Refund option has been selected and added to the financial ledger. 
  • If the payment was made electronically, and the credit card and Gateway Refund/Void option is selected, the refund will automatically go back to the parent's credit card. 
  • If using Unity, ACH refunds must be processed outside of the system.
  • If using Tuition Express, full and partial ACH refunds be be issued within the system.