Meals > Rates

The Meals > Rates screen allows users to add the rate for meals for both CACFP and Non-CACFP sites. 

From the Meals menu, select the Rates option. 

On the Rates screen, existing meal rates will display.  To add a new rate, select the +Add New Meal Rate button 

Add a name for the rate, the effective date, the rate for each meal type, the billing type, if this is a CACFP rate or not, if it is a CACFP rate which category the rate should apply to (free, reduced or paid).  Press Save to commit rate to the system. 

If a rate needs to be edited, select the edit icon next to the date field. 

Add the updated rates then press Save. 

To add a new effective date, press the plus button next to the rate name- 

Add the new effective date and rates for each meal, then press save. 

If a rate needs to be deleted, press the red X button.  When you select the red X button, this will remove the rate from the system entirely.