Release Notes REL_AUG_25_2022

The following features and enhancements will be available on DCW/SCW on August 26, 2022. 

New Features & Enhancements 

  • Added a "Days Remaining" column on the Vacation Approval screen. This allows the approver to see how many vacations days are left prior to approving the request. [DCW-4667, DCW-4668]
  • New Report - "Scheduled FTE Detail.xls" report has been created! This report displays real-time weekly FTE counts of children. [DCW-4647]
  • Defined Billing users now have the option to export their Billing Summary. “Billing Summary Export.xls” has been added under the Actions menu to the Billing Summary screen.  To find this option, navigate to Home > Billing, then click View on a Billing Period. [DCW-4661]
  • On the ADP Import - Version 2 report, when entering the Hire Date, this date will also be copied to the hire_dt, anniversary_dt, and the service_dt fields. [DCW-1431]
  • On the Staff Import Version 5, when entering the Service Date, this date will be copied to the Service Date field on Staff Profiles. [DCW-4695]
  • Enhancements have been made to the waivers section on the Setup > Registration screen. [DCW-4402]
  • When running the following reports from the Business Level, the system will look at the time zone of center you are pulling the report for. [DCW-4731]
    • Daxko Export
    • General Ledger Summary
    • GL Summary by Center
    • GP Export
    • GP Export Summary
  • Enhancements have been made to allow more reports to be available to Defined Billing users. [DCW-4688]

Miscellaneous Fixes

Resolved the following issues: 

  • During Registration Approval, some new families were being merged with existing families when the "Combine With Existing Student ID" field was disabled on the Setup > Registration screen. [DCW-4767]
  • Some parents were receiving an error message when deleting a room from the cart during New Family Registration. [DCW-4619]

Internal Documentation

*The following tasks are for internal documentation only.

  • Created two new PDF codes. [DCW-4676]