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The Hours page allows centers to input their operating hours.

Things to keep in mind regarding hours:

  • Hours should be set up at the center level rather than the business level
  • Hours can be added for the school year and for summer
  • Best practice would be to not overlap dates
  • Hours need to be setup if you would like the system to charge a late pickup fee

Add Hours

  1. Click on the Home option from the navigator bar
  2. Select Hours
  3. Scroll to the Edit/Save Schedule for: <Center>
    • Enter the start date
    • Select the end date
    • Select a status
      • Approved
      • Closed – No Billing
    • Select the days
    • Enter the expected arrival and departure times
  4. Click Save
  5. Verify the new hours are in the Center Schedule: <Center Name> section at the top