DCW/SCW COVID-19 Best Practices

Below are tips and best practices for using DayCare Works & SchoolCare Works during these uncertain times. 

Click here to view an Interactive PDF with tips for touchless check-in, child tracking, and more!

Reopening Tips 

Minimal Contact Check-In 

InSite Parent QR Code Check-In – By clicking the QR Code menu option, parents can use this to check their children in and out. 

For no-touch check-in using the QR code, after a parent scans their phone, have a staff member select the children on the Check-In application, instead of the parent.  

InSite Classroom Check-In – Staff members can check children in and out without parent contact 

Limiting Number of Children within Classroom 

The Student/Teacher ratio can be changed to limit the number of children in each class. The following reports can be used to track the number of children for a specific time by program:

  • Reports > Room/Program > Enrollment Count - displays number of children enrolled for a specific time period by program
  • Reports > Room/Program > Capacity Enrollment Remaining - displays capacity and remaining spaces by program with a four week range

Tracking Children 

Rooms can be created to track movement within the facility, but outside the classroom. These activities could include recess, lunch, music, etc. Staff members would use the InSite Classroom application to move children to different rooms/activities.  

Tracking Report -  the Transition Report will display initial check-in and any room movement throughout the day. 

Tracking Health/Illnesses  

Incident Reporting can be used to track child illnesses. Fields can be customized in the System Config > Incident Fields screen. The Incident Report Summary can be found under Reports > Room/Program. This report includes all fields selected from the Incident Fields screen. 

Daily Sheets/Daily InSites 

Setting up Daily Sheets allows centers the ability to keep families informed and up to date on what their child is doing throughout the day. Once Daily Sheets are set up, categories and attributes must be added.  

Daily InSites can provide tracking on things like temperatures, illnesses, or hand washing. Staff members can add Daily InSites from the admin site or the InSite Classroom application. Once the InSites are added, parents can view them from the Parent app or the Parent Portal 

Each field name and type (text, date, time) are customizable. See below for example:


No Contact Payment Processing 

Parents can make payments via the InSite Parent application or the Parent Portal (if configured by facility). 

Communication to Families 

Connect > Announcements can be created and will display on the Parent Portal and the InSite Parent application for parents to view. If enabled, parents can now receive push notifications to their mobile devices via the InSite Parent application.  

Connect > Communication allows staff to send notifications to parents. If online documents need to be shared, the URL can be copied and inserted into the emails or announcements. 

Please Note: either of these can also be used to communicate health alerts within the facility or classroom.  

Additional Tips During Closures 

Batch Jobs/Automatic Charges

Option A - If your center uses few or no PRA overrides:

Rates can be set to $0.00 on the Setup > Rates screen with an effective date of the start of the week. If a batch job is setup, billing will still run and invoices for $0 will be sent out. 

Keep in mind the following: 

  • If the center is Defined billing, billing can be re-run and will generate $0.00 billings
  • If overridden rates have been added to a PRA, those students will still be billed that rate. If you are unsure about overridden rates, run the SSH Student Schedule Summary report from the Reports > Room/Program screen and review the “Override” column. If there is an overridden rate, go into the PRA and do one of the following:
    • End date the PRA – when the student begins attending again, add the PRA back
    • Change the Override Amount to $0 – then add the correct override amount when the student begins attending again

Option B - If your center uses many overrides: 

If your school/center has automatic charges (auto pay, auto bill, late pickup/payment fees, etc.) setup within DCW/SCW, contact the Support Department to turn off the corresponding batch job.

Late Payment Fee

If late payment fees are being charged, navigate to Setup > Fees and click on View Late Payment Fee Overrides. Change the Late Fee Amount to $0.00. 

How to Issue Refunds/Credits to Families

  • If a payment needs to be refunded to a parent’s account, click here for instructions
  • To provide bulk credits by room/program, navigate to the Reports > Room/Program screen

No-Pay Days

No Payment days can be used in the short term to reduce billing issues. When a center/school closes, students with an assigned schedule for the day, will not be charged. 

Please Note: this option is for non-flat rates only.